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Wow, so I actually had seen this in another recent post that you responded to, but I apparently missed the ( )'s. So I assume that that is why I couldn't get it to work. Unfortunately I somehow managed to screw something else up in the minor tweaks that I made to the dovecot.conf and dovecot-sql.conf files or something else I messed up because I get this when I try to run /usr/local/ispconfig/server/

17.10.2012-16:17 - ERROR - Replication failed. Error: (mail_user) in MySQL server: (localhost) Unknown column 'autoresponder_subject' in 'field list' # SQL: REPLACE INTO mail_user (`mailuser_id`,`sys_userid`,`sys_groupid`,`sys_per m_user`,`sys_perm_group`,`sys_perm_other`,`server_ id`,`email`,`login`,`password`,`name`,`uid`,`gid`, `maildir`,`quota`,`cc`,`homedir`,`autoresponder`,` autoresponder_start_date`,`autoresponder_end_date` ,`autoresponder_subject`,`autoresponder_text`,`mov e_junk`,`custom_mailfilter`,`postfix`,`access`,`di sableimap`,`disablepop3`,`disabledeliver`,`disable smtp`,`disablesieve`,`disablelda`,`disabledoveadm` ) VALUES ('1','1','2','riud','riud','','3',' ','user,'$2$2u6fj6jR$FHud1CtJl.4QxLsuSAZDI0','user name','5000','5000','/var/vmail/domain/user','0','','/var/vmail','n','0000-00-00 00:00:00','0000-00-00 00:00:00','Out of office reply','','n','','y','n','n','y','n','n','n','n',' n')
17.10.2012-16:17 - ERROR - Error in Replication, changes were not processed.

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