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Default Custom login issues

So I clicked the box for custom logins and changed the login name to '', but it changed my email address as well... It was and now it is

I looked around at some posts on here that seemed to deal with similar issues but they all seem to be over my head. I tried one that mentioned changing the userdb (which seemed to have already been changed) in dovecot.conf and the user_query line in dovecot-sql.conf, afterwhich I got a replication error. So obviously I read something wrong and screwed that up, but it is easily fixable.

Honestly (if you can't tell already) I don't know anything about dovecot and have no clue if what I had read was the right thing or not.

Ideally I would be able to stick to the scheme as the login, but I am starting to get a headache from messing with this
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