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Default Broke my MyISPconfig3 DNS sync

I have a newly installed multiserver cluster setup with one master and two slave dns servers. (and a web, mail and database server)

I attempted to load DNS with a zone import which was successful but with an unintended result. It did however initially sync the result of the import with the two slaves. All records ended up under the last zone of the import file instead of in a dozen different zones. Consequently I deleted the zone and the slaves appear to have deleted the records as well.

I then re-imported a single zone and tested but neither of the slaves have updated.

Under tools I attempted to resync dns with no success. (even though it says that the zone has been resynced)

I've been using mysql from the command line for checking the dns_rr table for entries manually and find no records have been loaded on the slaves but are present on the master.

I have somehow broken the mysql synchronisation.

Any idea what I the remedy is?
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