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The reseller_id is the id of a existing reseller were this client shall be assigned to.

Apparently you can hand create_client() a parameter called "dafault_mailserver" without causing too much havoc.
Yes, because all unkown parameters get discarded automatically.

What parameters are obligatory anyway?
All Parameters have to be passed to the function. See database table layout for the full list.

But then the underlying database is all MYISAM without any referential integrity, so I suppose you can enter quite some bullshit (as long as it passes ISPconfig's validation rules, but I don't think they'll catch nonexistent IDs, do they?) without causing any immediate errors---only later when other scripts expect data to be consistent will your system crash and burn.
The remote api is designed as low level api, it is made to allow the developer to pass any parameters to the functions that have a valid type to allow usage scenarios that are not available in the interface. So the you as a developer have to ensure that the parameters that you pass to the function are logically correct.
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