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Originally Posted by SuperJC View Post
For Server Roles:

Control Panel Server: Deselect All
Web Server: Only Web & File Selected

For installation we installed the Control Panel Server the same as a Control Panel/Web Server in the Multi Server How-To doc. Possibly some packages could be skipped. For instance, the ftp packages? Any suggestions?

Any additional input would be welcome!


Found a small modification to the above was necessary.

Hint: If this server shall run the ISPConfig interface, select 'y' in the 'Configure Apache Server' option.
Configure Apache Server (y,n) [y]: y
Although the hint would seem to indicate that this is only necessary for the server running the Control Panel, it seems to be necessary for the Web Server too. (Does make sense that we would want to configure it, just the hint is somewhat vague.)

Anyone have any other input, suggestions, etc?


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