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Sure, I know about these ... it's just, they don't really do much. E.g. the client_add script has this "$random_rs_id" parameter that gets passed in as a reseller ID; it's somewhat like in XKCD What it doesn't tell me is what I actually need to know: What does that parameter mean? How do I obtain it? Do I pass the ID of an existing client that will thereby automatically be promoted to "reseller", namely of this newly created client, or is this some new ID that will become the reseller ID of the new client? What parameters are obligatory anyway? Apparently you can hand create_client() a parameter called "dafault_mailserver" without causing too much havoc. But then the underlying database is all MYISAM without any referential integrity, so I suppose you can enter quite some bullshit (as long as it passes ISPconfig's validation rules, but I don't think they'll catch nonexistent IDs, do they?) without causing any immediate errors---only later when other scripts expect data to be consistent will your system crash and burn.
I'd just like to understand what I'm doing before I do it to my production system.
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