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Default MySQL Users with API

I have managed to work around that mysql user problem ...How?

I first created the user on the database server with mysql_query("GRANT ALL ON ".$newdb_name.".* to ".$newdb_user." identified by '".$database_password."'"

Then secondly, I saved the record above in `web_database_user` (for `sys_perm_user` and `sys_perm_group` am using riud though I dont know what it means..)

Then thirdly I use the API to create the database and then using the return ID from API I use it to update the database table with database_user_id from 2 above.

ALL is fine and working perfectly...HOWEVER

1. Your database_password ( in web_database_user) is encrypted and is the mysql password. I want users to be able to AUTO login to there database just like plesk by clicking the DB Icon (ofcourse I just have to pass to phpmyadmin username, password and the host) but passing an encrypted password does not work ..I need the row password ..

Did you have plans in future for auto-login? What is the approach you plan to use given you are storing encrypted password?
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