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Default Ispconfig

Hi Till,
I don't look at it as nonsense since the problems I ran into were very not nonsense.
If the poster of this article messed with the database himself, so be it.
Also, I believe that a similar or even exact bug was posted on the MYSQL or related website. Can't remember if it was the same revision.
I also understand, that a bug is only a bug if one looks at it as a bug. Otherwise, it's not and there are many ways to explain why it isn't or it is someone elses fault.

*** NO BUG, Perfect World ***

I DO know that I did absolutely NOT mess with the database directly, whatsoever!
Whatever I changed, was done through the panel!
I guess I must have two left hands to mess this up?

Lets just call it a mystery, at least it is to me. I don't know exactly when it stopped working, since I could still connect through whatever route it would chose.
The only thing I was wondering was why it would take so long to connect to the server, even through the LAN (No names involved, straight IP).
The indication that I was shut off from the rest of the Internet, was that I didn't get hits anymore and my records indicate that this was about three weeks before I discovered it.

ISPConfig showed in the monitor section, don't worry be happy, everything is A OK!

As to asking for help, most of the time the help is flying so high that I can't grab it anymore and just say to myself, "it is faster to re-create a system then trying to figure out what that one liner just meant"

I am doing some programming myself in C, however on Microcontroller chips at a very low level not involving libraries ( from others) and what have you, that takes years to memorize and figure out (and then, it changes).
I am actually creating my own libraries (they'll change every time anyway) for those chips and the microcontroller do run afterwards!
That's a different story, also I am looking back at only 30+ years of electronic design. Many times, I only had a huntch which usually turned out to be the real culprid.
But again, what do I know?

Within a few hours of making the DNS standalone, manually configured, I got hits again. Strange, I'd say!

Thanks for your reply, I think I'll stay away from ISPConfig, since it has dissappointed me now for the third time.
At first, it seemed to be easy to set up and operate, but it has actually caused me to invest more research time than I allocated.
It may be rock solid, if and only if you know what NOT TO DO, I suppose.
I will never know what that would be.
Please don't misunderstand me, there maybe wiz kids and owners that don't have any problems!
Your work is certainly appreciated!

Best regards,
Norbert, KJ6ZD
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