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Thanks Till for that information, its very helpful.

Again I hit another snag, when I realized that NOT all variables are updated when running:

mail_user_update() command through API. Below is what I pass to it:

$params['access'] = 'n';
$params['disableimap'] = 'y';
$params['disablepop3'] = 'y';
$params['disabledeliver'] = 'y';
$params['disablesmtp'] = 'z';
$params['disablesieve'] = 'y';
$params['disablelda'] = 'y';
$params['disabledoveadm'] = 'y';

However ONLY the below are updated, the rest stay intact and un-updated:

$params['access'] = 'n';
$params['disableimap'] = 'y';
$params['disablepop3'] = 'y';

Any ideas what am doing wrong or leaving out? or its like that ...

BTW: Accordingly to the API manual, its supposed to return the number of affected rows, however it does not ..even though I use the default API example file ..

Thanks, Joseph

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