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Default New to ISPConfig 3. Centos Install Questions


I am new to ISPConfig 3 and I am looking to install it on a Centos 6.3 VPS. I have installed it on Debian 6 using a auto install script that I have found whilst searching this forum.

1.) I would like to know please is there a auto installation script for Centos 6?

2.) Does Vlogger work with Ispconfig 3 on centos. Also how are the "access logs" controlled when using ispconfig with centos 6. The reason why I am asking is I would like to store at least a months worth or raw visitor "access logs" for each domain I add to ispconfig. Is it the logrotate that determines how many logs are stored and how long for?

3.) What would be better to use with ispconfig 3 centos 6.3 64bit or 32bit?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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