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Originally Posted by till View Post
All cahnges that you do in the mysql database of the amster server have to be done with the ispconfig remote api or at least the ispconfig mysql api which has special functions to write the datalog. If you do changes in the database manually in the database and thes echanges dont have a valid transaction record in sys_datalog, the changes will be ignored and not transferred to the slave server.

The sys datalog is a transaction log which contains serialized objects of changed record with the state of the record before and after the change to allow the servers to identify which columns and values have been changed in a databse record.
Hi Till,

Thanks for your reply and the timely information. So now I will have to try to figure out the API. My first scan of the remote APIs doesn't seem to turn up one that could be used for this purpose. I do see a function in that I could possibly leverage. Not quite sure how to do so. However, I do see some info here that might help me:

If anyone has some helpful hints on using these APIs and functions it would be greatly appreciated!

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