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Default Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL On CentOS - What about Apache integration?


I've just done configuring my PureFTPd on a CentOS 6 and everythingn works fine, except of the integration of PureFTPd as uploading solution into an Apache dir.

First, what i want to do:

I want to give a FTP User, who logs in over an MySQL stored FTP account, the control over an apache directory, so he can upload scripts, which gets executed via apache

My problem:

I'm messing up with the access rights and groups. If i just managed to grant access on my ftpuser for FTP, i cant access the uploaded files with apache anymore, and if i can access and execute my scripts via apache, i cant upload anything anymore.

How shall i configure the umask setting and the groups/folder owners to upload with the "ftpuser" files into my apache dir, where "apache" is able to run them?
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