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Question Help setting up DNS please!

Hi, I'm struggling to get my head round how to set up my DNS records for my cloud server, and hope someone can guide me.

I have a server hosted on the cloud at Rackspace. I'm wanting to use the server (I only have one) to host a number of small websites, all controlled through the ISPConfig control panel.

The server is running CentOS 6.3 and I've been following the tutorial here. I want my server to act as the DNS server for all the sites I host.

My problem is knowing what I should put as in the nameserver on my domain registrar; should it be the Rackspace nameserver, or my own? If it's my own, then how do I set up a public dns. I believe that I've currently set up a private one, but I'm not sure!

I hope this makes sense, and someone can advise me!

Thanks in advance.
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