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Default [SOLVED] Re-Associate Server with Master Server in Multiserver Setup

I decided to stand up a brand new email server and add it to the multiserver setup. After going through this effort, I repeated my test step and was disappointed to see the new server behaved just like the old server. I began to suspect a problem with the master server in the setup.

I decided to step through the ISPConfig code. I noticed that the script calls the mail module. The mail module raises an event which is included in the mail plugin. Upon searching the mail plugin, I could not find any function that creates the mail domain directory. Instead, I noticed that the function which creates the user mailbox does a check to see if the mail domain directory exists. If the mail domain directory doesn't exist, the user mailbox function creates it.

Therefore, I concluded that the test I was performing to see if the server was working correctly was flawed. I simply needed to create a mailbox within the new email domain in order for the mail domain directory to be created.

I elected to delete all the email domains and mailboxes and then recreate them on the new server I stood up. I then moved all the email data from the old server to the new server. I only wish I would have searched through the ISPConfig code prior to deleting the email domains from the master server. I was committed at that point and had to finish the transition to the new server.
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