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Default Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost. 111 : Connection refused

Really ticking me off. I had this server configured right the first time a few months back but when i moved and had to change service providers somehow my vmware files corrupted so i had to reinstall everything. idk what happened but somewhere along the line i messed up my email settings. i am on ubuntu 12.04 server on vmware with a single static ip managing everything. i just got 2 domains successfully installed and their A zones changed to my static ip. Now could it be that since I'm still keeping the godaddy nameservers that could be why my email isn't working or is dovecot and postfix messed up. I think I messed up the dovecot.conf file and ended up having to purge both postfix and dovecot. i reinstalled them but dovecot isn't appearing in my /etc folder. i need a lot of help. i've scoured over the ispconfig3 manual but haven't found anything that would help me and the same has been done with google.
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