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Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue.

We have several servers running ispconfig3 all running CentOS 6. Some have this problem and some do not. We have looked extensively and not found what the difference/cause is.

We just deployed two new servers, one behaves as expected, the other exhibits the following behavior: -- correct site served -- default site - apache test page served, also cert used is the self signed cert used by ispconfig on port 8080

In grepping the vhosts files in /etc/httpd/conf/sites-available for the string '443' the only hit is on the ispconfig vhosts file.

We had to deploy a site so we manually modified our file and added a section starting with <VirtualHost IP:443>

The contents of that section was a duplicate of the <VirtualHost IP:80> section with the addition of SSLEngine on and the various SSL file statements within the <IfModule mod_ssl.c> section.

Further modifications to that website within ispconfig did not overwrite the above change.

This resolved the issue but we don't really understand why this and the other described symptoms happen.

We've perused the ispconfig 3 manual and did not find anything there that would explain this.

We found some other threads that describe this behavior that do not have a described resolution (or not one that worked for us) including:

Would appreciate any input on this.
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