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A quick note aside.

I recommend you installing the official OpenVZ kernel/tools like described here:

Note that they missed ploop-lib and libcgroup ( which you need to download/build the same way like the other packages.


Well, I can't tell you from a very technical view but:

- you'll get ploop support (container in a single file) (this has many benefits)
- latest versions of all packages needed for openvz
- I got better general performance (e.g. less resources idle on node)

However, keeping those packages up-to-date is more complicated as you have to rerun these steps every time a new package is released.

I'm currently checking if alien builds packages are "based on the current system" or if a .deb built with alien is valid on any other machine with the same architecture/system - in that case, I'm going to try to put a repo online.

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