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I don't know if i found a bug but here's what i've found on my problem:

I can't send a mail to a mailbox whose domain if defined on my server but does not exist on it.

More specifically:
My ISP is They were known as years ago. I have mailboxes created with the If i want to fetch my mail from these boxes i have to define this domain in ISPConfig3 and set a fetchmail task.

By doing this i can get all my mail on my server. I can send emails to anybody but people that have email adresses ending by If i do that i have the "User unknown in virtual mailbox table". Sending mails to other users that end with works fine.

A few days ago i tried building a server "by hand". Mailing the same way was working (the "relayhost=" field in of postfix is used to send every unknown adresses on the server to an external relay). When i use ISPConfig3 it doesn't. That leaves two possibilities:
- I have not configured correctly ISPConfig3
- There is a bug in ISPConfig3

Does this ring any bells to anybody?
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