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By the way (sorry for bombarding you with questions, gotta get this out as long as teh interwebs are working here), I got a little confused with the API after a while because there's little documentation in terms of semantics. Here's what I didn't find anything on:

- My tool uses domains_domain_add() so far to add client's domains. But I don't find them associated with clients anywhere in the GUI, plus there are extra functions mail_domain_add() and sites_web_domain_add(). So what's the difference there, and do I have to use domains_domain_add() at all?

- The client_add() function takes a reseller_id parameter and adding a reseller is a separate form in the GUI, but I don't see how I can add a reseller via the API or indicate that some client is a reseller.

- There's also a parent_client_id column that I would assume does something similar to the reseller ID, but certainly there's a difference?
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