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Default SOAP API problems in

I have a sizeable Plesk installation to migrate to ISPconfig. Being the type who rather than doing a couple hours of mindless clicking would spend three times that writing code, I set out to write a generic converter that might even benefit others in the same situation. But I'm having problems with the SOAP API, particularly the domains_domain_add function. It always gives me a "permission denied" error even though my API user has every single checkmark for permissions set. I'm not sure whether the problem occurs with other functions too so far as I've only done the bits for clients and domains so far; clients work fine though.

The problem occurs with both my Perl program and the PHP example by the way. So far I've simply hacked checkPerm() to always return true to be able to go on with development ...

I'm on a remote island in the Galapagos with rather intermittent internet at the moment, so please excuse any delays in getting back to this thread (and my inability to do any serious debugging on this ISPconfig install running in VirtualBox on my little netbook ). Just checked out the SVN version to see if it makes a difference though.
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