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Default URGENT Web_ problem

I have a massive problem, that I hope someone can give me a quick fix for.

I have created 45 domains, they all work just fine. I have also created hundreds of email users for these various domains - they all receive mail just fine. Here is my problem.

When any user from any domain tries to check their email, they receive 'invalid username or password' from their email client.

I have spent all day trying to find out what is going on, THEN it occured to me: my clients ALL have their email program setup to check email in the form of: and then their password

NOW, i find this does not work BECAUSE the ISPConfig program (through Dovecot) needs web33_steve to logon with

Doing some more research, I found a few threads that show how to change ISPConfig so that this does not happen any more, but... my problem is how to CHANGE all the EXISTING users I have created. I have hundreds of users that cannot log in and there is just no way I am going to have to ring them all and tell them to change their usernames!!!

I have roundcubemail installed and they can logon there (using just fine. It is just Pop3 110 mail.

I see Dovecot uses /etc/passwd for it's security, so I have tried going in to this file and changing web33_steve to - but this does not fix it. Surely, I can do something like this, or 'point' dovecot to another area?

I also checked the /etc/postfix/virtualusers file and all the addresses are in there (, web33_steve, etc, etc).

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