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Default Domain creation problem - OpenVZ


I am trying to get a VServer up running combined with my existing multiserver system.

My setup :
Web server (Main) : Debian Lenny - IP .53
Mail server : Debian Lenny - IP .58
DB Server : Debian Squeeze - IP .54
NS1 : Debian Lenny- IP .50
NS2 : Debian Squeeze - IP .51
NS3 : Debian Squeeze - IP .52
VM1 : Debian Squeeze - .59
Web2 (Container on VM1) : Debian Squeeze - IP .60
Mail2 (Container on VM1) : Debian Squeeze - IP .61

I have installed the VServer as described in the guide and everything regarding creation works fine.

My problem is related to the container I have created as web server. Domains are not created in var/www/user. In the database for the container the domain is added. It seems only to be the users directory with files not being added.

Any ideas to what I can check or might have forgotten?

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