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Been playing around with this solution but I can't really get it to work, where the solution from Radim_h's friend works fine. I am also wondering if this would be possible to set as a checkbox so we can remove this when not needed anymore?

Originally Posted by omig View Post
Here is my solution, it works for any subdomain setting. I suggest adding this feature to svn.

Find in the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-available/ script:
>	}
after that, add:
//* Add "temporary URL" Server alias like
$vhost_domain = $tpl->getVar('domain');
$new_site_temporary_url = "\n    ServerAlias " . preg_replace("/\./","",$vhost_domain) . '.' . trim($conf['serverconfig']['server']['hostname']);
$server_alias_str = $tpl->getVar("alias") . $new_site_temporary_url;
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