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I did some more testing last night and today.

When I create a new email domain, I have verified that it is populated within the ISPConfig database on the master server. As I've mentioned, I no longer see the folder physically created in the /var/vmail directory on the mail server.

I have also verified that the new email domain is populated within the ISPConfig database on the mail server (not master server).

Similarly, if I delete the email domain, the domain is removed from the ISPConfig database on both servers.

I am using the mail_domain table to perform this testing.

I also created a new email mailbox for a domain that was existing prior to my changes which broke this feature. This test was successful as a new user folder was created under the /var/vmail/[existing domain]/ directory.

Therefore, I am led to believe the issue has to do with any scripts that are run after populating the database. However, I don't know ISPConfig well enough to test these scripts.

I also performed the additional troubleshooting steps from the FaqForge article. The result when I run the script is rather uneventful with no errors reported.

root@mail1:/# /usr/local/ispconfig/server/
I would appreciate any additional help on this matter.

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