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Default Cron job sends duplicate e-mails

I am a PHP programmer but not really good with linux programming. So please be patient with me. I am busy now with a site which needs to work with the cron job. The admin panel of the server is ISPConfig So that's why I am trying to find help here.

The cron job is working well, it executes every task with just this command:
* * * * *
However, when I tried to setup cron job to execute a script which sends emails, it sends me duplicate emails. So instead of receiving one emails I could receive 2 - 3 emails which is unexpected.

I have report this with the system administrator, but he ignores me, instead he accuse me that the mistake lays on the script. I have assured him that there is nothing wrong with the script because I've tested it with simple PHP mail(). Now the project stucks with this problem. And he, of course, is very busy with other things.

So, could someone please help me here? Thank you in advanced.

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