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Ok. I figured this out. Ill post some info here because I notice this thread is already ranking high for searches including: Multiple SSL certificates Ispconfig Amazon EC2 running in VPC.

The Ispconfig manual does a very good job outlining the steps to set up additional internal ip adresses - which are required for running more than one SSL certificate on a single server (EC2 instance in this case).

If you require multiple internal ip address on an Amazon ec2 instance this article is a very good starting point:

My above post was nearly correct - but I was trying to use only one external IP address mapped to several unique internal IP addresses.

I'm not sure if this is possible.

My work around included assigning additional External IP addresses to each internal IP address that requires an SSL certificate. In this case I attached an additional external IP address to the internal IP address

It is important to note that you use internal ip addresses to initiate the website and ssl certificate in Ispconfig and an External IP address for DNS purposes.

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