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Default Mercurial Repo and susexec apache module

Hi, followed this tuto, but on access, suexec gives me error 500 with log

[2012-09-14 16:38:03]: uid: (5005/web2) gid: (5005/client1) cmd: hgweb.cgi
[2012-09-14 16:38:03]: command not in docroot (/media/data/mercurial/hgweb.cgi)
I have tryed put the cgi script in /cgi-bin folder and also in /web folder with no luck, no matter what, suexec is complaining with same error. Also double checked that the cgi file is owned by web2:client1 with 644 perms.

What can i do to be able to execute this script with suexec enabled?

Thanks a lot!
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