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Thumbs up The right and universal way

I decided to do that the right way, so the webmailer.php would be like that:

PHP Code:


//* Check permissions for module

/* get the id of the mail (must be int!) */
if (!isset($_GET['id'])){
    die (
"No E-Mail selected!");
$emailId intval($_GET['id']);


 * Get the data to connect to the database
$dbData $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT server_id,login FROM mail_user WHERE mailuser_id = " $emailId);
$serverId intval($dbData['server_id']);

if (
$serverId == 0){
    die (
"No E-Mail - Server found!");

$serverData $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT server_name FROM server WHERE server_id = ".$serverId);

$global_config $app->getconf->get_global_config('mail');

$global_config['webmail_url'] != '') {
header('Location:' preg_replace(array('/%u/','/%h/'), array($dbData['login'], $serverData['server_name']), $global_config['webmail_url']));
} else {

 * We only redirect to the login-form, so there is no need, to check any rights
isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])? $http 'https' $http 'http';
header('Location:' $http '://' $serverData['server_name'] . '/webmail');
This will work for any webmail, because now you go to System->Interface Config->Mail and set the Webmail URL to something like that (example for Roundcube):
PHP Code: 
But ISPConfig regex will not allow you to insert anything but alpha numeric characters in this config field.
So for now you can edit the sys_ini table on ispconfig DB and update this config by hand.

Hope it comes in the next version of ISPConfig.

Hey Devs, here is my little contribution.

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