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absolutely great replies.

I have everything working the way I wanted it to work.
E-mail, adding new accounts, piece of cake.
Websites that are using a database, piece of cake.

I just have to wait until I can resolve one web site to a particular IP.
Had it delegated to a different DNS and it is still stuck in the authorative root-servers.
It's been 3 days and doesn't seem to dissapear. But this is another issue.
Just as I typed it, I checked and it is out of the cache, so I can resolve and setup this one too.

Till, you can't imagine how grateful I am for giving me a guiding hand!
  • I do have the ISPConfig3 Manual, but this type of info is not in there.
  • I am a happy camper, everything, onces it works, becomes much easier to configure.
  • I have all my domains being served from one mail server, and they do send mail too, hi.

Many Thanks!!!!!!

Originally Posted by till View Post
1) Create the email domains.
2) Create the mailboxes.
3) Change the mx record to the new server.
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