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I really didn't expect such a fast response.

Since I did mix some of the Debian Multiserver turorial and the Perfect Server, I must have just overlooked this minor detail with great effect.
I've installed the dovecot-mysql package and viola, I can setup my account. Actually, I tried from my ISP's mail account to this domain and it worked fine.

Hate to bother you any more, but I have one more problem that I can't get straight in my head.

I have four domains registered, the mail server runs

How would I weave in the other three domains to have them receive and send through the mail server.

I created the MX records, may be still propagating at this moment.
Technically all I would have to do is create the domain and mail boxes. Right?

Thanks much,
I am still learning and with a little luck I will retain some of it, hi.


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