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Hi Till,
well, I am one of those that has his imgination going wild, if I don't really know.

Your reply helps to understand the mechanism better.
I took the Database Server out of the loop, since what I need to do, can be done at the master server. I was trying to distribute the load since my gear is mostly dinky 1.7 / 1.8 GHz cpu's.
I like to use SBC's because of their low power consumption, since I don't use the setup commercically.
All for the HAM Radio's sake!

In regards to the mail error log, I got impatient and did a Wipenheimer. Therefore, the logs are on the trip with Wipenheimer.

With the Postfix problems, in no way did I want this to appear as a complaint, I am searching for probably the past 2 years for something that would work. During this search for fortune I ran across so many other people that had problems with their e-mail server setup''s. I had mine working for I guess 6 month. Then their was a dovecot update! Since then it was limping along. So i went out to search for more adventures and found HowToForge, which is by far the best collection of many solutions.

Thanks again for your reply,
if I run into the e-mail problem again ( don't know yet, the machine is knitting the LVM together at this moment, over 1TiB) I'll post the error log, which I think contained a complaint about authentication. This is what I remember, others had mostly problems with.

The advertisement might cover up the typing only if you edit from the post and of course if large enough, button to the right, next to quote.

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