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Run all mail issues on the mail.server.tld using ISPConfig3 but not the web server database.
Thats required nayway by ispconfig and configured in this way when you follow the multiserver installation tutorials.

I would like to use the Mail Server to store vmail accounts or at least being available.
ISPConfig uses always virtual mail accounts, so that covered in each install guide.

I would like to also install Roundcube onto the mail server. If I put roundcube onto the web server, it will not find the mail database.
Roundcube does not connect to the mail database at all, it connects to the imap server over tcp/ip and it does not matter were the mailserver is, so it does not has to be installed on the mailserver.

If I don't, I don't know where to put roundcube!
Install roundcube on the webserver. It dies not has to be installed on the mailserver s it connects remotely to the server by imap / smtp anyway.

Just a small annoyance note: It would be nice if the Advertisement, in some editing instance, could be kept in its designated space so I can see what I just wrote! without dissappearing undeneath it!
THis should not happen, I wil check that.

On another note, it seems every time I do a so called clean install, something else does not work anymore, though it worked before.
I see a lot of POSTFIX, DOVECOT mail issues posted and I have one too at this latest install.
There arent that many posts here if you take in account that there are about 15 - 30 thousand new installs of ispconfig each month.

Apparently, postfix and or dovecot does not know how to read user accounts or passwords anymore, since I can't setup any IMAP accounts anymore. Complains about user password for mail account!
The server are running e.g. Postfix and dovecot.
Please post the exacterror messages form the mail log file.

For us average user that know up to a point how to use a command line, when things go wrong, it is far beyond our understanding. It will take days, if not weeks to find something that might describe the issue we ran into. Mostly, we cause more damage than we do good, once we found something we thought would be the same problem.
Thats why we provide support here and instructions what we need to know for a specific kind of problem.
Till Brehm
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