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So in trying to troubleshoot where things are failing, I have lined up the following:

Email goes from -> to:

Gmail --> (MX DNS) --> Firewall (IPtables, 587) --> SASL --> Postfix --> MySQL --> vmail folder --> SpamAssassin/Amavis/ClamAV

Does this look right?

If so, then everything from Postfix through ClamAV work fine because I can send mail locally. And everything from Gmail to firewall work fine because I can telnet and run an ehlo. That is why I am led to believe that it is a SASL issue. That, and the error report I posted earlier about not being able to auth SASL-PAM-MySQL. When I run testsaslauthd with the user mail_admin it fails. That is the user account that is being used to auth, correct?
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