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Nope, for me was think ispconfig already did it on install
Peerl is setup at install time,so nothing to modify or ah´dd there. I'am talking about the perl hello world test file and the settings you have to enable in the website settings of the ispconfig interface, so not related to the ispconfig install.

looking in all tutorials from here and other sites.
Mixing tutorials will cause a failing setup in most cases. So if you dont are a linux professional with many years of experience yet, dont mix setups, just follow the perfect setup to the letter and you will get a working server out of the box like many thousand users before you. By trying to make things better or remove notices in the logs like I saw in your otherposts which you thought are errors but which were just notices and absolutely ok, you can destroy a setup.

So for get this goal, first i need be able to provide samethings like big hosts does here (php, perl, ruby, tomcat, etc...)
Which is provided by the perfect setup guides out of the box, except of python support as I explained above. Tomcat is not supported by ispconfig and though not part of thevguides, but you wnt see any tomcat users in shared hosting setups normally as tomcat is used for large business sites only which have a dedicated server anyway,so you would install tomcat on a server without controlpanel to run just this one site.

Why do you want to host your server at home or in the office instead of renting one in a datacenter? You get a Core i7 server with 2x 3TB harddisks and 16GB Ram and 100Mbit internet connection for about 65 USD a month. Unlimited bandwidth and electricity included.
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