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1) Perl: Did you put the perl code into the cgi-bin directory as required and accessed it trough cgi-bin?
Nope, for me was think ispconfig already did it on install

2) Thats "ruby on rails" code for a rails application server and nothing to be executed in a apache webserver.
This explain why dindt worked on IIS too.

3) Do you have mod_pythoin installed and did the file had the correct .py ending?
I got a lot of mods installed, looking in all tutorials from here and other sites.

My goal is have an webserver able to run all kind of application for small user.

Simple in my country there many hosts enterprises, actually very cheap, since our internet speed sux...
So many people here pay around US$ 12,00 for have:

10 GB webspace
5 database of 5 gb each (total 25 GB for databases - this limit is for avoid "hackers" store lot of stuff as binary inside mysql and avoid the webspace limit for example)
5 mails 1 gb each
Unlimited bandwith *

Total Space from HD (40GB per user)

Max upload capped to 100 kbps

And this runing linux with all kind of support, tomcat, perl, python, etc...

For me, as enduser, the mostly cheapest ISP charge me around US$ 200,00
For have:

1 IP Dedicated
Upload between 300kbps and 600 kbps (mostly time stay on 300 kbps)

So i think this show how unfair and hard is for enduser try become a smallhost..
And i dont saying nothing about power energy, my power energy account come US$ 150,00 more expensive while i`m trying get this working...

I`m trying get this working for who know make some money (or at least recover what i already spended), but for now my expenses become:

US$ 200,00 (ISP)
US$ 150,00 (Power Energy)

Total of those monthly expenses: US$ 350,00

The list have more things, like:

Certificate (SSL)
Support online

But i`m focusing on try get the montlhy fees payed by my future users at least...

So for get this goal, first i need be able to provide samethings like big hosts does here (php, perl, ruby, tomcat, etc...)
Second i need be more cheapest...

If i charge my future users for around US 10,00 for 40GB HD space like the big hosts does, i will need at least 35 users (and 1400GB free on HD ) for pay my current bills with "structure"..
I have no idea how many users my PC will handle, but i hope i can get at least 200 users (my limit of harddisk space is 4TB - then there another problem here), for this become profitable.
Then i dont see any problem in become a user supporter (the one who pay the website subscription here), buy your modules, etc.. But first i need grab some money instead only spend like i`m doing on last 2 months trying this "perfect" setup working...

The tests i posted before, i did using IIS on Windows 2008, except by ruby on rails, all others tests worked perfectly, i have an free license of Windows 2008 from University, but only for academic use...

I have tested other solutions like plesk, cpannel, etc... But they fail on dont accept users like me behind a NAT...
I recognize your great work here, making this opensource, and trying help people, this is one of the reasons while i keep trying get this working, for be able to retribute as supporter and consumer of your futures plugins.

I dindt give up yet, i`m trying finish my setup, i hope i can do it this month.
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