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Default Confused abaut Primary and Secondary DNS Servers configuration.

I am confused abaut primary and secondary dns servers configuration. i have read a lot of manuals tutorials abaut how to do it, but i think they do not adapt to my needs.

I set up two servers (like a tell on previous post). I now have configured second server (slave secondary dns server) to run in multiserver mode.

I configure two server entries in my administration panel.

If i mark "Is mirror of Server" on second server configuration i lost the posibility of create new websites into it. If i unmark seems dns replication in secondary dns server dont work.

I want to have two servers, controlled by one control panel in multisite mode I can get it if i not mark "Is a mirror site" in server configuration, i think this is the corret way. Mirror is for redundant purposes (i think) not for two independent server alocating diferent websites. So i have to active other services also like mail, etc in the second server.

I want also have my own nameservers So i have created a zone with A record "ns1" pointing to primary server ip, and NS record pointing to I have the same records for the other server with secondary server ip (A ns1 second ip and to

Is this correct?, i have to do anything in secondary dns?. What i have to do in order to get the zones transfered to without mirror one server into other one (i dont want mirror sites, etc).

I could get zone transfer by hand one by one, but i dont want to do this because i think this is not the way, the way is tranfer all zones froms to automatically.

Thanks for your responses and your help. I really need help with this.
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