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Unhappy mod_ruby problems on openSuSE 12.2


I've tried current IspConfig ( on OpenSuSE 12.2 (After making a image with clonezilla of my running OpenSuse 12.1 config). while I'm capable of getting it working, There's one problem lingering.

I can successfuly complie mod_ruby, but after installation, Apache won't start and I get an error about "ruby_dln_librefs" not defined.

I couldn't find any possible solutions on the net and found mod_ruby to be unmaintained for three years now. I suspect it having to do with ruby 1.9 being experimental in mod_ruby 1.3.0, and the current version of Ruby (1.9.3) used by the distro not being compatible.

Unfortunately, since I've got only one system running, and I reverted back to my 12.1 image (which works perfectly well), I can't do any more testing.

has anyone necountered the same and found a solution (besides not installing ruby. It's not needed for IspConfig, I know).

As far as I found out, It's not working on latest releases of Fedora either, so maybe IspConfig should be checking if it is installed and not offer the option on the pannel if it isn't. If it is installed and selected, a wrong conf/vhost file for apache may be generated, resulting in a failure to start the site or arpoache as a whole.

with kind regards,
René Camies
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