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I`m not willing enable https, since i only have one IP, and i`m behind NAT...
Because this i have ignored the 2 lines for https, there an note:

If you want SSL you should include the last two directives (IfModule mod_rewrite.c) to have apache ALWAYS redirect to your SSL installation of ISPConfig.
Like i sayed, i dont wanna SSL, so i have ignored those 2 steps from the guide...

ALL THE ABOVE are correct for SINGLE server setup.

I assume that for multiserver setup, you have to install roundcube at the same server as the webserver and configure roundcube accordingly.
Or you have to install another apache at the same server as mail (VERY BAD CHOISE).

In every case if you want ssl you need the redirection. If you don't want ssl you sould be able to access the /webmail based on the config file at:
The title of post i was following says :

Multisever setup, because this i was following the guide:

The problem is exact it, i dont wanna the SSL, i dindt have setted anything to SSL, but the results is send me to SSL, only for see the login screen, since the authentication is failing, but this is an issue with my mailserver.
I think i need set on


To use TLS, i see an example to add tls://, i tried and failed too, i`m not sure if i will need set an account info to do the login, and if using this info on other fields of this file, other domains dont gonna get the right accounts on authentication.

Sorry but i`m learning how mail system works.

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