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Originally Posted by Wisdown View Post
What things you mean?

I have an multiserver enviroment working, one server for mail, other for web, other for database, other 2 for dns.

I just dindt added the squirrell mail, was choosing between horde and roundcube so i tried folow this tutorial:

To increase the security, and followed the setup for get roundcube working, but dindt worked...
To increase security you have to redirect to https.
Do you enabled ssl access (https) for ispconfig?
If yes, you should redirect roundcube.
If no, normally, you can access roundcube at

ALL THE ABOVE are correct for SINGLE server setup.

I assume that for multiserver setup, you have to install roundcube at the same server as the webserver and configure roundcube accordingly.
Or you have to install another apache at the same server as mail (VERY BAD CHOISE).

In every case if you want ssl you need the redirection. If you don't want ssl you sould be able to access the /webmail based on the config file at:
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