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First off. I'm really glad for the support here. Thats what makes worth installing such a great tool as ISPConfig3.

Sorry that I haven't answered before, but I've been busy testing the server, and yesterday I wasn't really happy - cause it didn't work.

But today I have the first and most important page up and running.

I'm not really sure that the default works. But now that the important page is running I'm sure the rest will work eventually.

First I'll try out the class 1 certificate to get rid of the warning about entering an unsecure site when wanting to log in to ISPConfig3 over https.

Secondly I'll try to install roundcube instead of squirrelmail. I think it has a "nicer touch" and "look" than squirrelmail.

I allready bought the ISPConfig 3 manual, some year ago. But I think it's been updated so it might be worth buying the current manual. :-)

Thanks for now Till
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