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Default Dns

Originally Posted by TiTex View Post
if your two DNS servers are in the same perimeter (same network) for the outside world is redundant since it will fail anyway if your public IP/Server fails.

for the LAN you can set up one server as a slave for the primary , and the primary should be the one that you forwarded the dns port from your router/firewall

by the way if you have just one public IP , there are some free services out there and they will host for you a slave dns server for the outside world of them is buddydns if i'm not mistaken

How would I do the slave to buddydns since in ISPConfig I have set ns2 as a mirror to ns1? Would I just use the zone transfers section? And just to make sure I have this right, only forward DNS traffic to the primary dns server correct, and the mirror don't forward traffic to it

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