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Default HTTPS only

I have a problem that I can't figure out. I have everything running as far as DNS goes. I have an A record for www that points to my public IP. The problem that I have is that I created a new site nothing special, (wordpress) no SSL settings set nothing. The only port that the site seems to respond to is 443 and not 80. What am I missing?

Ok, I have that one figured out. Turned out to be a intrusion prevention rule on my fireall.
However, I still have a problem. I can't access the web site from out side of the network even though an NSLOOKUP returns the correct address. So my question is do I need to change the www A record to point to the internal address of the web site or do I create an A record for the hots using the public address or do I create an A record for the host using the private address?

Well, after more working with it, my firewall is setup right now, but the web site will still only respond to https requests and not http requests. Is there something I am missing in side of the website? I don't have ssl enabled

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