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I'll have a look at
To see whats going on, go to the home directory of one of your users and execute the command "ls -la" to see the scripts involved.
on the other side,you mean there is no gui forsettings except use antivirus yes/no and use sa yes/no and set the score between ham/spam ?

If I want to set other things like use razor, use pyzor, use dcc I would have to do it manually editing files? Could you at least specify where the master file is located so I do have to change only that one file and every new user gets the new settings automatically.

What about the bayes db - is there one for each mal user or one for each domain? it looks a biot strange, I have setup one domain with 2 mailusers, in the folder /var/www/ is a .spamassassin folder in the folder /var/www/ is no .spamassassin folder while user2 has this folder inside his homeirectory...?

shouldn't every user have one?
seems like the user I appoint as administrator gets his settings stored inside the folder containig the domain he is administrering - can anyone confirm that?

any chance to be ableto set the antivirus and sa settings from a gui? like I want to change that virus emailget delivered into users mailbox.virusfolder...

is there a howto implement a sa-learn script, checking for mails I manually move into .spam folder learning them as spam and checking mails I move from .spam to inbox, learning them, as ham?

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