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Guess I'm impatient I tried again today with quite a few issues....

Page 3: Edit /etc/apt/sources.list And Update Your Linux Installation

The changes here are I guess to comment out the CD-ROM source at the top of the file and uncomment the Universe sources at the bottom. The contents are different to that of Badger tho so dont change them. Packages are now sourced via your internet connection rather than from the CD-ROM.

On the same page it goes on to say

Install SSH Daemon
apt-get install ssh openssh-server

After this has been done you can then use Putty to login to the server and do the rest of the tutorial from the workstation with the browser on. (Copy and Paste heaven)

Additional documentation for SSH setup can be found here

It shows how to change the default SSH port to some other port which (as far as i can see) improves security slightly.

Moving down page 3 the line that says

Install/Remove Some Software
Now let's install some software we need later on and remove some packages that we do not need:
apt-get install binutils cpp cpp-4.0 fetchmail flex gcc gcc-4.0 libarchive-zip-perl libc6-dev libcompress-zlib-perl libdb4.3-dev libpcre3 libpopt-dev linux-kernel-headers lynx m4 make ncftp nmap openssl perl perl-modules unzip zip zlib1g-dev autoconf automake1.9 libtool bison autotools-dev (in 1 Line!!)

Fails because it can't find ncftp, I checked that universe was enabled in my sources list and it is so got stumped here. As we install ftpprod anyway I just omitted this from the above line and 14.9MB of download later i could carry on.

Also, was there meant to be a bit that we remove somewhere as the title suggests?

When running quotacheck I get several warnings:

Warning Quotafile var/quota.user was probably truncated, cant save quota settings

Warning Quotafile var/ was probably truncated, cant save quota settings

.....continuing to the end of page 3 completed without issue.

Page 4

apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient12-dev

This had a warning that the package libmysqlclient12-dev has no installation candidate. As I installed the LAMP installation I will assume that I have most of SQL already installed and continued on without fear of a half assed system

A few steps down the command...

mysqladmin -h -u root password yourrootsqlpassword

Caused a "lost connection to MySQL Server during Query" error. I had entered the correct domain name and password but still got this error. I checked the netstat -tap table and all was as it shoud be so searched the forums and found other people had this error but the advice was to contiune and set the password later.

I gave up at this point. I want to find out why MySQL isnt working correctly, maybe the LAMP install sets a password up already?

Right, off to install again and go through just the Server install without LAMP and see if I get past this point.

The problem for me is that im doing most of the instructions without any knowledge of why but with each install attempt i'm starting to figure out the why. Intresting stuff really.

One area that I think is causing me some issues is the hosts file.

I need to read up on that. In windows its just IP <domain> but here we are using things like localhost.localdomain localhost server1

and I dont understand what the instructions....

echo > /etc/hostname
/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname for

more reading....


PS. Thanks for your previous reply. I will look into that.

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