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Default Problem: CentOS Turning Into A Server

Hello and good day everyone.
I am kinda new to Linux/CentOS-turn-into-a-server thing, and I have been trying for almost two weeks now to try and figure this out by myself, and I have not successfully reached the goal.

Anyway, I have recently followed this tutorial...
Well, not exactly, no.
I did not want to freshly reformat the server PC though.
On the said tutorial, I began to follow it on the part where the CentOS has been installed, and the part where I am asked to run the command "system-config-firewall-tui"...

My problem is that I get a "502 Bad Gateway" message when I try to access ...

I don't really know what information I need to provide though.
I simply followed the said tutorial.

And while I'm at it, is there a good tutorial for me to type a name to access the server instead of typing the server's I.P. address on the web browser?
I've tried searching for it as well, but I ended up creating chaos on our server. =/

Hope you pipz can enlighten me on this problem o'mine.
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