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Default howto - disable default remote access to sql, enable webserver access automatically

Maybe someone can use this
I have multiserver setup, where Database server is different then webserver
server1: ISPConfig webinterface, DNS, oldwebserver
server2: mailserver, dbserver

When you add Database in Sites=> Database menu, there is Remote Access IPs field (separate by , and leave blank for any)

I don't like that access to mysql server is enabled by default from anywhere. Want to explicitly allow all accessing IPs . And i also need webserver to have allowed access to DB by default (my clients will never know what to fill into that field)

It's easy:
On Database server edit file

and change
//if(trim($host_list) == "") $host_list = '%';
if(trim($host_list) == "") $host_list = '';

and also change
//if(!is_array($host_list)) $host_list = explode(',', $host_list);
if(!is_array($host_list)) {$host_list = split(',', $host_list); $host_list[] = '';}

where is adress of your webserver (or any server you want to allow acces to by default)

You can check result in Privileges table in phpMyAdmin

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