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I have just installed ISPConfig In the Apache Virtual Host I am seeing directories for both the client and the actual web site, amongst others, in "PHP open_basedir":
The open_basedir settings are absolutely correct. If you take a closer look on your filesystem then you will recognize that some of them are symlinks. And beside that, its all freely configurayble under System > server config > web for new servers and Sites > websites > options for individual sites.

BTW, I don't have phpmyadmin installed (and won't unless it's essential for ISPCConfig to function properly) so I don't see why that should be in there.
Ok, you you basically tell us that you did not follow the installation instructions for ISPConfig 3 that contain the installation of phpmyadmin before the installation of ispconfig. If you dont want to use phpmyadmin, then remove the path from the open basedir as I described above.

Also - I've just noticed that on the Sites -> Database page, the field widths are far too small.
They are not too small here in ISPConfig Please note that the mysql restricts the length of usernames and database names and not ISPConfig. Take a look at the mysql documentation.

Lastly - would I be right in guessing that there's no simple way to transfer data between my old ISPConfig 2 server and my new ISPConfig 3 one?
ISPConfig 2 and ISPConfig 3 are completely different software packages, the only thing they ashre is the first part of the name. There are no import scripts available for ISPConfig 2.
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