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Default Splitting up ISPC installation to more servers...

maybe someone has been solving this and may help me with some issues. I want to split my ISPConfig setup, there is hundreds of sites, so it must be done all in once

Todays setup:
server1: ISPConfig webinterface, DNS, oldwebserver
server2: mailserver, dbserver

Final setup will be:
server1: ISPconfig webinterface, DNS
server2: mailserver
server3: newwebserver
server4: newdbserver

PART I. splitting webserver, moving it from server1 to server3

i did some testing allready, so here is how i did it:

1.Install new ISPConfig server, connect it to master server and set as webserver
according to

2. Change webserver assigned to users
UPDATE client SET default_webserver

3. Change webserver assigned to web domains
UPDATE web_domain SET server_id

4. Change webserver assgined to FTP users
UPDATE ftp_user SET server_id

5. Change DNS records
UPDATE dns_rr SET 'new.ip.add.ress' WHERE 'old.ip.add.ress'

6. On new webserver rsync web sites
rsync -aHAXv root@oldwebserver1:/var/www/* /var/www

7. Use resync tools on master server
Tools=>Sync Tools=>Resync Websites & Resync FTP users & Resync DNS records

It works, sites are moved, but not everything is done, so before i do it on production server, i have some

- how to sync changes in client table to second server, as there is no sync tool?
- how to sync web_traffic table to second server ?

- did i miss something more ?

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