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Default Nginx config to see "virtual" files.

PyroCMS is a CMS built on top of Codeigniter, and I'm using a module called Pyrostreams. But the reason I'm posting here is because this is actually about nginx config as Apache works fine.

Everything about the entire setup works fine on nginx, except it appears to be trying to call a couple of files from a "virtual" directory, which doesn't exist.

Here's the log entry:

"GET /streams_core/field_asset/css/datetime/datepicker.css HTTP/1.1" 404

The file actually exists in


The author says it works just fine in Apache, and isn't able to install nginx himself.

However, here's what he replied with:

Looks like it is trying to access the URL as an actual file. The files technically doesn't exist in that location, so it may have a problem with that.

The assets are actually loaded via PHP - there is a field_asset controller under the streams_core module that takes the file name in the URL and outputs it.

It's strange that there would be a compete 404 since it should map anything in index.php/streams_core/field_asset to a function. If you go to index.php/streams_core/field_asset, do you get a blank page?
And yes, I do get a blank page, rather than a 404, so I suppose that shows it's hitting the controller OK?

Here's the nginx config that Pyrocms suggest:

Here's the complete nginx config file I'm using:

And here's the .htaccess file that comes with the application (for those using Apache)

Been round in a few circles trying to figure this out - a bit lost now. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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