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Unhappy How to recovery after OS/Ispconfig3 reinstall

I was doing an OS update from Ubuntu 11.14 to 12.04 and the system frooze. After waiting an hour or more I had no choice but to turn the machine off (sysreq did not respond). On power up the system failed to boot. I put the drive in another machine and copied the drive contents (file copy) and did a dd image of each partition. I then spent two days trying to work out the bugs of a partial upgrade and eventually gave up. I reinstalled starting with Ubuntu 10.04 (as was the original OS and then proceeded to do all updates and upgrades. I am now back to 11.10 and trying to get ISPConfig3 to let me log in.

I was able to log in until I replaced the database with the one I copied from the original install. I can access the database via phpmyadmin and I have tried resetting the admin password using md5 encrypt. I get the login screen but logging in with any user fails fails. I used all the same usernames and passwords when I reinstalled everything so as not to have to redocument everything.

At this time I can get into phpmyadmin (all databases), and I can get the ispconfig login page. But I cannot log in and all other hosted site result in the default apache page
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